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A mining farm, video cards and asiki mining farm.
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Stackr is a fast-growing Aotearoa New Zealand Bitcoin mining company. We're focused on expanding operations by increasing mining hashrate and infrastructure capacity.

About Us

Stackr is based in Te Waipounamu (Aotearoa New Zealand's South Island). We're building a new kind of Bitcoin mining company that takes decentralisation but also scale to the next level. By positioning our mining capacity alongside emergent renewable energy production we can grow alongside these producers. We create win-win relationships that enable growth for Stackr, energy producers, the Bitcoin network, and the climate. 

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Our Approach

We take a different approach to mining at Stackr. We prioritise sourcing sustainable and renewable energy also while building capital and power efficient facilities that provide a high return on investment. 

Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy

Stackr is committed to using 100% renewable energy. We believe in a future where clean, and renewable energy sources are the norm.

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Increasing Decentralisation

Stackr is increasing the decentralisation of the Bitcoin network by mining in Aotearoa and creating a foothold for New Zealand in the new digital economy.


Scaling Hashrate

Stackr is growing its hashrate while maintaining capital efficiency and stable growth. 

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Otautahi (Christchurch), Aotearoa New Zealand

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