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On the Pod(s)

Hey there,

An update! Our CEO, Simon Collins, has been making appearances on a couple of podcasts lately. Simon has been discussing Stackr, being a mining start-up in Aotearoa and Bitcoin in general. We are thrilled to share our vision and progress with a wider audience, and we want to let you all know about it!

The first podcast is "NZ Everyday Investor" with Darcy Ungaro. In this conversation, Simon talks about central banks and Bitcoin, sustainable mining, and the very essence of money.

The second podcast is called "The Transformation of Value". Here, Simon and Host Cody Ellingham discuss NZ's unique renewable energy mix, the importance of miner collaboration, and future opportunities to integrate Bitcoin mining with industrial heat processes.

So, be sure to check out Simon's appearances on "NZ Everyday Investor" and "The Transformation of Value" podcasts with Darcy and Cody!

Here are the links to the podcasts:

Thanks for your support! Keep Stacking!

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